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Schoonhoven pottery

Decor: Prinses Year: around 1923   High: 7.5cm.    Wide:  17cm    Painted by:  T = Anthonie (Toon) van den Berg.

Schoonhoven pottery clog decor PrinsesSchoonhoven pottery clog decor Prinses markSchoonhoven pottery clog decor Prinses bird
This clog was painted at the Schoonhoven pottery.  This decor has a little bird painted on it as well. An old catalogue lists the prinses decor as one of the more costly ones to buy, presumably because it took more time to paint.

Schoonhoven pottery does not have exact year marks written on them, but the prinses decor was made between 1920 and 1925, also the painter worked there around that time; so that is when this one was made. For a vase with this decor, click  HERE.

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