De Distel Pottery 1895 - 1923
De Distel vase frontDe Distel vase front detail De Distel vase back detail

This Distel vase (Model 78) is 39cm high and 15cm wide and was made between 1903 - 1910.

The "De Distel" pottery started off in Amsterdam in 1895 and continued until  1923 after which the pottery was bought out by the "Goedewaagen" pottery.

Some of the tiles and vases made by this company definitely have a Gouda pottery look about them, but other creations by them have a more modern look. The vase displayed above is one of the more modern ones and not painted in the traditional Gouda colours. Also the design is completely different, i.e unique at the time. The decor is a nearly transparent butterfly with geometric lines and symbols around it. On the back of the vase is just the butterfly.

Most of these type of vases have the painting on a creme/white surface and are matte glazed, this one has a grey/blue surface and is high glazed. Bert Nienhuis is credited with the design of the vase.

The mark on this vase is pre-printed with the painter initials manually added; the painter initial is unknown to me.
.De Distel vase mark
At first the marks were manually written, but soon, already in the early 1900's a stamp replaced this.

Another vase from the Distel with a design and colours  more characteristic for Gouda can be found   HERE  .

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