Gouda Dutch Art Pottery


Gouda Australiana: Dutch Art Pottery.

A Kookaburra on the left and the right and a lyre bird in the middle.

The above pottery was specifically made to be sold in Australia; it was made in Holland by the "Plateel Zuid Holland"-potteries . (PZH)
Most people in Australia will probably agree that the Kookaburra is one of the most well known birds down here, known for its loud laughing sound. So the design was well chosen.

 On one of my first days in Australia, more than 30 years ago, I woke up when it was just getting light because of a really loud noise bouncing back from the hills all around me. I had no clue what was happening, the loudness of it was unbelievable. Well this was from a number of Kookaburra’s in the process of performing their early morning rituals. If you never heard this before, it is quite an experience.

Next to the Kookaburra; decor; laughing Jackass, also the MagPie and the Lyrebird are well known icons down here.  And again these can be found on Gouda pottery. Also the Waratah flower exists as a decor.

A lot of Gouda produced in the early 1900’s had the words “Made in Holland” added to the mark underneath.  For some reason they changed that for the vases above, and instead the words Dutch Art Pottery, appeared. Also the date mark often went missing.

But as you can see above, the vases exist with both High glazed and Matte glazed appearance. The changeover from High glazed to Matte glazed started around 1915. The high glazed ones were probably made before the Matte glazed ones. Occasionally a date mark still shows up, or sometimes painters initials are visible, these help to determine that these type of vases were produced between say 1914 and 1925. (Give or take a year)

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