Gouda Dutch Art Pottery

Gouda pottery in Australia:

Quite a few PZH Gouda decors were inspired by wellknown Australian Icons and many of those were  directly
Gouda Waratah Charger

sold into Australia by the the makers. This PZH Waratah plate is a nice example. Also other Gouda pottery was sold here directly from the manufacturer, e,g, the  Ivora Gouda pottery shipped a significant volume as early as 1922.
Of course also over the years Gouda pottery made it into Australia because immigrants brought it with them.
Overall Gouda pottery is not very well known in Australia. Everyone knows about Gouda cheese and Delft, but not many are aware of this type of pottery.
And out of the few people that know about this type of pottery, even fewer know that some of it was specifically made to be sold in Australia. The Laughing Jackass decor featuring a Kookaburra was one of them,
they were  marketed in Australia under the name: Dutch Art Pottery.
Gouda Jackass pottery marks

Laughing Jackass decors, for a bit more about these, click   HERE.

Also special dedicated decors were produced for our Southern neighbour, i.e. New Zealand. Wall plates were produced with decors of a Kiwi-bird and of the Tui-bird.

I have bought many nice examples of Gouda down here in Australia, it exists but is not as widespread as in Holland or the USA.

Quite unique, Gouda, Dutch Art Pottery, in Australia.

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