Gouda pottery in Australia in the 1900's:

The earliest evidence I found which showed that Gouda pottery was actually for sale here in the shops in Australia dates back to 1905.
In 1913 there was a specific advertisement for Arnhem pottery which was offered for sale.
The presence here of the Dutch pottery seems to continue until the end of the 1930's; the second world war caused the end of the Gouda pottery exports from Holland. It is hard to find out if this supply of pottery was continuous, but over these years I found the wares of “De Distel”, Arnhem, the PZH, Ivora, Regina, Noord-Holland and St Lukas. Vases, lanterns, inkwells, bowls, wall plates and more were offered for sale, quite an assortment.
The advertisement below was in a smallish country town, so it was not restricted to the capital cities.
Gouda 1913 advertisement
“Indented” is the interesting word in the article above. An Indent merchant is someone who assembles a number of orders from other merchants. These orders are placed with often foreign manufacturers. He does so at his own risk. Once the order arrives he receives a commission from those for whom he ordered.
Armidale is a country town in Australia; that Gouda pottery was for sale there at all in 1913 is quite remarkable. The word indented probably tells us how they got the Gouda ware.

On 4 February 1914 the "Dutch Art Pottery Company" was established in Sydney, its purpose was: "Importing Dutch Art Pottery". They also organised a display of "Gouda Art Pottery" as well as a display of original Blue and White Delft pieces. Around that time the PZH added the words "Dutch Art Pottery" to the mark of vases with an Australian decor.
The person in charge of this company was Herman Lammers. He immigrated to Australia from Holland around 1911. He died on 1 Jan 1925 whilst on a trip to Italy.

Around 1915 much more was for sale with prices varying from a few shillings to many pounds. It seems that there was a reasonable selection of "Gouda wares" available in the shops in Sydney. Shops where it was sold include Beard Watson's and Lasseters.

In 1917 a shop in Adelaide said they received a shipment of 209 pieces of Gouda pottery.
Also in 1917 there is a specific advertisement for these Australian Gouda vases, they mention the decors Jackass, Mag Pie and Lyre bird. These decors were made for Australian customers by the Gouda Zuid Holland factory (PZH) . At Beard Watson they offered a number of these with varying sizes. Vases up to 35cm high were sold.

It is also documented that a significant shipment of Gouda Ivora arrived in 1922.

Following are some advertisements from the early 1900's from a variety of stores:
Gouda 1915 advertisement
Gouda 1913 advertisement
Gouda 1913 advertisement
Gouda 1913 advertisement
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