PBD (Plateel Bakkerij Delft)

My collection, hand painted and  one of a kind.

The PBD had its production facilities in the town of  Hilversum.

The story of the PBD is an interesting one,  when they started to use the word Delft as part of the mark underneath the owners of the Porceleyne fles factory tried to stop them  from doing so. They  started a few court cases against the PBD but never managed to stop  the PBD from using the word Delft. This is probably why  many other factories, other then the Porceleyne fles started  producing what people now call "Delftware".

From 1903 - 1920  their pieces can be recognised by a triangle, sometimes with the letters P.B.D inside, but more often  like in the picture below.

P.W. left onder the triangle  are the initials of the Painter.

The Roman letters under the triangle indicate in which month it was made.

The "G: is the year mark.

An "A" was used in 1903, a "B" in 1904 and so on until 1920, where they used an "S". The "J" was never used, presumably to avoid confusion with the letter "I".

Delft PBD mark

Production took place in the town of "Hilversum".

They stopped the production of pottery in 1921, but resumed again in 1923 this time through until 1946, but it seems this was on a much smaller scale.

An example can be found in between the other "Gouda"- pieces. To view, click   HERE  .

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