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Decor: Cow paijsage  Year:  around 1910.   High: 40.5cm.    Wide:  17cm    Painted by: N= Willem Nales.

Gouda pottery decor cow PaijsageGouda pottery decor cow Paijsage mark

This Paijsage or in English Paysage was found in Melbourne in Australia. Near the bottom of the vase is a small bit of glaze missing. This happens more often on these older vases. The stepping stone in the water near the foot of the vase is unglazed. The Y in Paysage is written in the Dutch way, with 2 points on the Y. Some of these Paysages are painted after an existing painting. This vase does not have a reference to another painting on it. However, to my surprise I found another smaller vase on the internet, with the same scenery and that one had a reference to Maris, so even though it was not mentioned on the vase below, it was still painted after an existing oil painting. A bit more about the mark on this vase can be found HERE. The next vase seems to have a near identical pottery mark. I wonder if he painted more vases like this with possibly different decors.

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