De Porceleyne Fles

Unlike what the name of the pottery suggests, they produced earthenware as opposed to the harder porcelain.

It is one of the longest established Delft producing factories;  "De Porceleyne Fles", this translates into "The Porcelain Bottle", This factory was actually inside the town of Delft, many others were not.
The factory name and its associated production, dates back to the mid 1600's. Items produced before 1879 do not have very detailed or standard markings, but from then on a system was introduced that clearly shows their factory mark and the year in which the piece was made.

For year indications they started with just the letter A through to Z for years 1879 through to 1904.
Then AA through to AZ for years 1905 through to 1930.
Then BA through to BZ . . . etc.

From 1879 onwards their pieces can be recognised by the following mark as seen below:
Porceleyne fles mark

In the above the year code = AX = 1928. VL is the painters signature.

Below is a picture of an inkwell from 1931 with the traditional Blue colours.
Delft inkwellDelft inkwell mark

Also different shades of blue were used, but this is the main colour.

For a different style of the Porceleyne fles pottery, click   HERE  .

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