Rembrandt Pottery.

> The Rembrandt pottery started off in 1906 in the town of Utrecht, but moved to the town of Nijmegen in 1908 where it produced pottery until 1925. After that it moved to Gouda where it became part of the PZH. When the pottery started in 1906 they adopted the name “Rembrandt” because that year was 300 years after the famous Dutch painter “Rembrandt” was born.

They produced quite a few unique models and decors which made them somewhat different from the other Gouda-producers.

What makes it look like Gouda from the PZH is that also this one was produced with the so called “Matte”-glazed look. This is quite an early example of matt glazed. The PZH is credited for inventing the Matted glazed firing technique, but this vase is matte glazed as well, and made around 1912. i.e. just about the same time.

The Amphora pottery in Oegstgeest also produced a décor Heliosa, but the décor there seems completely different to this one.

The mark shows a portrait of the painter Rembrandt, with the name Rembrandt in the top of the circle and Holland in the bottom part. They used a variety of marks, so not just this one.
Rembrandt pottery vaseRembrandt pottery vase mark
Around 1912. Decor Heliosa, High: 20cm Wide 13.5cm Model 27.

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