Schoonhoven Pottery

Delfts pottery ceramic potDelfts pottery ceramic pot mark

The Schoonhoven Plateel (SP)  pottery started production in 1920 in the town of Schoonhoven, this is a small town, not far from the town of Gouda, and known for the manufacture of fine silver products.
When the pottery started out, it produced pottery in the traditional “Gouda”-style but in later years also produced a fair bit of Delftware.

Schoonhoven pottery does not have precise date marks.
Initially they used the full name of “Schoonhoven” as part of the mark underneath but later on they used the initials of “S” and “P” woven together as a monogram on their pottery.

The jar above has a silver lid, probably evidence of the silver manufacturing skills present in the town itself. It measures 12 cm high, and 9.5cm wide.

For a picture of Schoonhoven  in the more traditional Gouda colours, click   HERE.

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