St Lukas 1909 - 1923

St Lucas glossy vaseSt Lucas glossy vase mark

The vase is 15.5cm high, and 14cm wide.

The St Lukas pottery started in Utrecht in 1909 and went bankrupt in 1923.  They specialised in high glazed items, lustrous glaze was their trademark

In the St Lukas pottery it was all about glaze; they fired the pottery a number of times and also used actual gold dust to create the maximum amount of lustre. The high cost associated with this as well as the depression after World War 1 probably led to their bankruptcy.

In 1927 the pottery restarted in Maarssen with a somewhat cheaper production process.

The vase above  dates from the first production period.
The vase is so reflective that is adopts the scenery around it. I cannot even hide the camera that takes the photo.

The "1" denotes the model number, so this must be one of the first models made.

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