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Decor: Landscape  Year:  1910.   High: 62cm.    Wide:  77.5cm    Painted by:  PZH.

Gouda pottery tile tableau

Interesting examples of a Dutch tile tableau can still be found in the Netherlands embedded in the walls of old buildings (You find them inside as well outside). These were often used for advertising purposes.

Many of the portable tableaus produced at that time depict scenes from already existing paintings. a reference was made on the tiles to the original painter’s name.

The tile-painting which depicts a winter landscape was made in the PZH Gouda factory and consists of 20 tiles. Each tile is the standard 15.3 cm long. The words "Zuid - Holland" and Gouda are written on the bottom left.
It was painted after a painting by L Apol. (N: L Apol is written on the bottom right.) 

The same decor of this winter landscape exists on vases.

I also have seen the original painting from which these tiles were painted. The oil painting is bigger (115 x 81cm) and some more detail is visible.

  What seems interesting is that the inner rim of the frame is identical to the one used on the original painting, as if they copied that as well.

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