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Decor: Floral, Year:  around 1905.   High:   9.5cm.    Wide:  11cm       Painted by:  LK = Lambertus Johannes Kwinkelenberg.
Model: 71,   Decor: Floral, Year:  around 1905.   High:   17cm.    Wide:  13cm       Painted by:  PW = Pieter Woerlee.

  High glazed vase LK High glazed vase PW High glazed vase PW mark
A nice example of a small flower vase with rich high glazed colours.  The mark underneath is typical for  what a mark on PZH Gouda pottery could look like around 1905. Sometimes also the word "Zuid" was omitted, sometimes the painter initials were omitted, but what almost always seems to be there  on the pottery of the PZH, is the drawing of the little house.

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