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Model: 246 Decor: Portrait vase  Year:  1906.   High:  23cm.    Wide: 9.5cm    Painted by:  CH =  Cornelis Arnoldus Jacobus Hornis.

 Gouda portrait vaseGouda portrait vase mark
High glazed vases like the one below are called portrait vases. They were made in the early 1900's. Like all other Gouda, this vase was hand painted except for the portrait itself.  A procedure was used whereby a photo was transferred to the pottery. They used images of well known people for the portrait. In this case an image of the painter Rembrandt was put on the vase.

I imagine this vase was very labour intensive to make. Not only was the transfer of the image additional to the painting but also the model itself required extra attention. The 4 handles of the vase had to be put on manually. A mould would not allow for them to be poured together with the rest of the vase.

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